Test Firing of RIMS System

Here is a quick video I shot for my dad to show a test firing of our recirculating mash system. This was a water-only test to see how the Auber EZBoil controller would perform.  There will definitely be more to come, but this was a great first run.

Also check out the wiring diagram video here:


Parts List:

RIMS HARDWARE KIT 18″ BODY LENGTH (brewhardware.com)
HEATING ELEMENT, 1500 WATT LONG (brewhardware.com)
Enclosure (??, local Lowes store)
Auber EZBoil
Liquid tight RTD sensor (PT100-L1001/2NPT, auberins.com)
Opto 22 120D25 DC Control Solid State Relay (amazon.com)
External Mount Heat Sink for 25A SSR (HS25ET, auberins.com)
22mm Industrial Panel Switches (??, ebay.com)
22mm 120VAC Industrial Panel Indicators (IND-1, auberins.com)