Brew Day Video – Caribou Slobber All Grain Kit

This is my first brewing video, and it’s of our first brew day up at the mountains.  The rig is a two-tier recirculating system with 10 gallon kettles and two pumps.  I demoed the recirculation system in an earlier video demonstrating the EZBoil in a RIMS configuration.

I had intended to do a grain-to-glass video, but I never got around to it before the keg blew. I will say this was a great beer that I will make again, with some tweaks to mash temperature and fermentation regimen.

The biggest mistake was not to run off enough during sparge, which meant I had to top up with bottled water in the fermenter.  My next boil will be in a Blichmann kettle with a sight glass, so that problem should go away.

The second biggest mistake was to try the metric system.  While I can see the elegance of it, the reality is that we don’t use it here and that presents a couple of problems.  Mostly, it’s that my brain doesn’t think in the metric system.  But additionally, some of my equipment doesn’t offer it.  We will not be trying that one again.

All in all it was a good day, and the beer turned out great. We have cider in secondary and I plan on more beer brews now that the summer is finally giving way to more reasonable weather.