New “Hackmann” Hot Liquor Tank

When I built my el-cheapo Chinese stainless kettle, I knew I wanted a Brewmometer from Blichmann because they are great quality and the weldless mount is bulletproof.

Today I finished making my fake Blichmann kettle by adding a linear flow valve.  I realize I am missing a sight glass, but I don’t need one on the HLT for my process.  When I lauter, I fly sparge and run off the exact amount I need to achieve my pre-boil volume and then stop.  (It is for this reason that I do have a gauge on my boil kettle.)  So as long as I have more hot liquor than I need, I will be A-OK.

Now do I need a linear flow valve on the HLT?  No, because I use an auto-sparge on my MLT and it regulates the sparge water just fine.  But, I had a spare one laying around so I decided I might as well install it somewhere and see how it does.